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Data quality vital for marketers, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Business-to-business marketers need to invest in technology that will help them ensure data quality remains strong.

This is the view of Kristin Hambleton, vice-president of marketing for Neolane Inc, who adds that data quality is one of the most important things for any marketers to get a handle on.

The success of any campaign can be damaged by poor data quality, Ms Hambleton explains in an article for B2B Online.

Email marketing in particular needs to carry proper records on opt-outs, subscriptions and click-through rates - poor data quality can be very damaging if it affects these results.

"Regular database hygiene such as removing duplicate records, undeliverables and inactive or incorrect email addresses is critical to keeping your reputation intact," said Ms Hambleton.

A recent study from Artemis Ventures found that poor data quality costs the US economy around $3.1 trillion a year - twice the amount of the federal deficit.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler