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Data quality 'vital' for successful marketing campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality plays an important role in the success of business marketing campaigns, it has been claimed.

Writing for Marketing week, Kevin Slatter, managing director of G2 Data Dynamics, has said that without clean data, campaigns risk becoming at best inefficient and at worst totally useless.

Mr Slatter revealed that the responsibility for the success or failure of a particular operation often lies with the data manager.

"Without clean, deduped, suppressed data, CRM programs are at best inefficient and at worst totally useless in terms of driving a profitable campaign," he added.

"Poor-quality data has in many cases caused the so-called death of CRM headlines that we have seen over the past few years."

Mr Slatter recommended that organizations follow a simple strategy to ensure the quality of their data.

Optimization, simplicity and consistency are vital to ensuring that data quality is realized throughout a company.

Meanwhile, speaking to Search Data Management recently, Danette McGilvray suggested that achieving good data quality was the responsibility of everyone in a company.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler