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Data quality vital, not flashy

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies can become stronger on the back of tenacious data quality efforts. These programs may not be "sexy," stated ZDNet contributor Jamie Yap, but they are absolutely vital to the continued success of efforts in several areas. Yap referred to the opinions of industry analysts at Gartner and Ovum, who maintain that firms are behind on data quality and need to improve.

One reaction among companies, according to Yap, is denial. She stated that Ovum analyst Madan Sheina finds firms persistently assuming that data cleansing is easier than it actually is. He found it unsurprising that firms have to commit a large portion of their budgets to fight off data quality problems.

Yap looked to another industry expert, Arun Chandrasekaran, to share views on the role of data quality efforts in various departments within a company. She stated that Chandrasekaran and Sheina agree that data quality is a long-term project, one that must take root in sections other than the IT department.

Specific training programs could help employees learn the processes behind good data organization and the pitfalls of poor work. According to TechTarget, education for staffers should give pertinent examples of quality issues and enforce attentiveness to those problems on a company-wide level.