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Data quality 'vital' to increase transparency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The accuracy of a company's data quality has been hailed as the single most important factor in increasing transparency within a business.

Writing for Government Computer News, Michael Daconta claimed that transparency was made up of a selection of three factors, with data quality being the most noteworthy.

He was writing in response to the publication of high-value datasets released by, a website which is designed to increase public access and awareness of datasets issued by the executive branch of the US government.

He notes that the online resource places much emphasis on access, when if it was to do its job correctly maybe it should be placing more prominence upon accuracy of data.

In conclusion, Mr Daconda argues that the government must "ensure agency open-government plans address, in detail, their data quality processes".

Furthermore, he states that if it fails to address these shortcomings it would be defaulting on its "role to society".

Earlier this year, research conducted by Thompson Reuters and Lepus found that 77 per cent of companies surveyed planned to increase their spending on data quality projects post economic crisis.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler