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Data quality will hit businesses' 'bottom line'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many businesses are finding that poor data quality is having an impact on their decision making and, ultimately, their financial situation.

This is the finding of an article published by Data Flux and published on the IT Wire website, which stated that organizations that choose to ignore the importance of data quality will pay the price.

According to the article, businesses often view data management as "somebody else's problem" until something eventually goes wrong.

Data Flux said that it was important for organizations to tackle the issue head on and focus on changing the culture so that information can eventually be viewed as both reliable and accurate.

"The quality, accessibility and usability of data drive every company’s bottom line, but it rarely captures the attention of executives. Creative marketing campaigns, mergers and outsourcing are much hotter topics that can create the sales spikes or cost-cutting that shareholders like to see," the article added.

"They must take small, manageable and measurable steps."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler