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Data security audits can 'boost procurement'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Using data security technology for compliance can help some firms gain customers, it has been suggested.

Alex Fidgen, director of MWR InfoSecurity, said that sometimes there is a perceived risk that when organizations use a large number of small businesses, they are somehow exposing themselves to risk by holding their data through those suppliers.

However, small firms which regularly have audits to prove they have the data security technology for compliance will be able to provide customers with assurances about the protection they offer.

"Just about all of our client base is enterprise and all of the time, the number of incidents we've seen where they're asking questions about third-party data audits has increased and therefore, you can see this isn't something that's going to decrease or go away," Mr Fidgen explained.

The comments follow a study by security firm McAfee which suggested that "virtually every" organization will become the victim of cyber crime.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler