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Data security must be taken seriously, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to take security more seriously in regard to the data management of mobile devices, it has been claimed.

Con Mallon, director of regional product marketing at Norton, said that while the threat of an attack on smartphones and tablets is still relatively small in the wider context of all malware, it is becoming increasingly mainstream.

He said that this year, owners of mobile devices are likely to see a concentrated effort to boost the education and awareness of security in order to limit the risk to data management systems.

"Really just trying to get the public more involved, more attuned, more knowledgeable about the requirement to basically start to take security seriously on their smartphones and on tablets," Mr Mallon explained.

Symantec recently revealed that 163 vulnerabilities were identified in 2010 that could be used by attackers to gain partial or complete control over devices running popular mobile platforms.

Posted by Richard Jones