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Data security processes 'evolving'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The concept of how security is built into data management processes is changing, according to one leading expert.

Gavin Michael, Accenture's chief technology officer, suggests that for many years, firms have been constantly looking for more and more robust security standards.

However, Mr Michael now believes that thought processes are changing, and data management security is evolving to focus on specific information, such as address data, that is mission critical and needs the highest levels of security.

"What we are seeing is a changing evolution in the way we regard security," he said.

"I think the days of building a bigger wall or digging a deeper moat are behind us."

As such, the "fortress mentality" is changing to a balance between security and risk.

Jon Callas, chief technology officer at Entrust, recently claimed that security processes are being forced to evolve as more and more workers bring their own mobile devices into the office and connect to corporate networks.

Posted by Paul Newton