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Data use follies persist

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data analytics technologies are currently subject to intense hype within the tech world. While this has raised awareness, it has also given some companies mistaken ideas about their own data, according to TechTarget. The source noted several common mishaps within analytics using organizations that lead to trouble and lost productivity.

The news provider reported that some companies become so enamored with their new analytics systems that leaders overlook faults with the information itself. With some business intelligence programs pushed as universal solutions to business insight problems, firms neglect data quality issues, ones that can severely hamper analytics efforts.

TechTarget also noted that IT managers can become blinded by the promise of outside data sources, to the exclusion of the facts already held within the company itself. Many firms have rich internal stores of data that can be mined, but they may ignore these assets in the face of flashy external sources harvested from the internet.

Computerworld recently remarked on the emergence of new roles to handle the management of growing data sets. Employees filling new data scientist positions need a variety of skills to succeed, especially communications talents. The source noted that data professionals can hold the information-using departments of a company together.