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Data use in clinical labs underlines quality needs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to Dark Daily, clinical laboratories have begun to invest in data analytics. The decision to add data-based processes, according to the source, came from the maturation of the technology. Analytics is now more powerful, more affordable and usable by workers in many departments rather than simply dedicated data professionals.

The source found that clinics are especially interested in capturing data at high speed for near-instant analysis. These organizations are eager to improve the quality of care and operations with the results of their processes and, at the same time, cut down on spending.

Data management could be a differentiating factor in clinical analytics. Laboratories hope their business intelligence programs can find and remove problems and inefficiencies in the system and improve patient care. Poor data quality could scuttle such efforts, however, as data problems often add both time and cost to systems meant to be fast and lean.

Data quality is an issue throughout healthcare. Healthcare Finance News recently highlighted efforts to speed the release of data from hospitals to help analytics efforts. Efforts are underway to make sure the data sent out is both released in a timely manner and accurate enough to be helpful to analysts.