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Data volumes surge worldwide

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of a strong data management system has been highlighted by new research from the Aberdeen Group.

According to the firm's study, companies worldwide experienced an average data volume growth rate of 40 per cent in 2010.

It also showed that 74 per cent of organizations are integrating XML from external sources, while 66 per cent are doing from internal materials.

The firm predicts that in the next year, businesses plan to introduce even more complex unstructured data sources, including emails, web address data and social media content.

Aberdeen's general manager Juan Carlos Soto says that the figures show the benefit of integration and data management.

Using software to achieve this, Mr Soto says that customers have achieved significant reductions in their partner on-boarding time and maintenance costs.

Speaking to ZDNet recently, Interarbor Solutions principal analyst Dana Gardner suggested that the IT sector is placing too much emphasis on new technology while neglecting data management.

Posted by Paul Newton