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Data warehouses are 'evolving'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Independent data analyst Gartner has claimed that data warehousing is reaching its "most significant" growth point since its inception.

The organization explained that the data management system was undergoing massive changes, with new scope for flexibility added.

Indeed, Gartner believes that the data warehouse "ideal" is evolving and will eventually make way for a new kind of management system that looks to address more extreme types of information assets.

As a result, vendors must begin to address numerous, new information formats, or find themselves relegated to supporting roles in the future.

"We are seeing revenue increases for software licensing in the data warehouse DBMS market as vendors have expanded their offerings and marketed their products as 'easier to implement and manage'," said Donald Feinberg, vice-president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

"While cost is driving alternative architectures, performance optimization is driving multi-tiered data architectures, including a strong interest in in-memory data mart deployments. At the high end, data warehousing is now mission-critical."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler