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Data warehousing highlights importance of data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The emergence of data warehousing has been a key factor in highlighting the need for companies to properly implement data quality measures, it has been suggested.

This is the view of B-Eye Network columnist Bill Inmon who stated that before data warehousing, all information was collected as a by-product to transactions being conducted.

Data warehouses then allowed businesses to view information relating to transaction data which had been collated over a period of time.

"End users were astonished that the accuracy and the quality of the data that had been in the transaction-fed databases were in very poor shape," Mr Inmon wrote.

Indeed, this in turn led to organizations adopting a new level of awareness about the need to maintain high data quality standards, he claimed.

Meanwhile, data quality practitioners have been told to focus on the positive benefits of implementing schemes.

According to OCDQ blogger Jim Harris, business decision makers may be unable to comprehend the full scale of problems that poor data quality causes.

Posted by Richard Jones