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Database management systems 'must be updated'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Database management systems must evolve in order to adapt to the new generation of information-intensive applications, it has been claimed.

According to Jeff Hammerbacher, founder and chief scientist at business support company Cloudera, new data analytics and processing platforms are required to handle the vast amounts of data now handled by companies.

"Traditional data management systems were not built to handle petabytes of information or to allow for complex, deep analysis. Solving that problem requires a new approach, and a new platform for data management," he commented.

Last Thursday (June 25th), Mr Hammerbacher spoke at the GigaOM Network Structure 09 seminar at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, which addressed the impact of the global economy on the internet infrastructure sector.

Earlier this month, OAO Technology Solutions claimed that centralizing database management can allow organizations to reduce the cost of IT operations, while providing them with organizational sustainability.