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Databases are "certain" to come under attack

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Securing data management from the inside is likely to be a challenge facing businesses in the next 12 months, new research has revealed.

The latest Ponemon Institute study found that organizations are facing a "statistical certainty" of being hacked in the coming year.

In the last 12 months, 90 per cent of the 583 IT professionals polled suffered from a security attack on their data management systems, with half claiming to have little confidence of fending off another hack.

However, more worryingly, the report found that 52 per cent of the breaches were as a result of an insider attack, with the remainder caused by malicious software.

"Breaches will happen. Criminals will find a way in if not through the front door, then a back door or a window or by using social engineering or another form of trickery," Mark Bower, data protection expert at Voltage Security, told eWEEK.

He said that businesses need to stop focussing on securing their network perimeter and instead protect the data itself.

Recent research commissioned by document destruction company Shred-it and undertaken by researcher IPSOS found that a third of small firms do not train employees about security.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler