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DC Guide offers community information relating to address data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People looking to buy a property in Washington, DC, could use the website DC Guide to find information relating to specific regions of the city, reports

By entering address details, users can access information such as the particular voting precinct in which a given address is situated and what Advisory Neighborhood Commission they would be involved with, as well as more practical details such as the location of public transport terminals.

Additional features on the website enable users to conduct searches using ZIP Code software and using maps of neighborhood clusters.

All addresses in the US will be surveyed next year for the national census and Census Bureau staff recently completed a survey to carry out address verification throughout the country, according to a report from FederalComputerWeek.

The research found 4.5 million duplicate addresses and 1.2 million non-residential addresses, contributing to the deletion of 21 million pieces of address data from the official record to ensure the highest standard of data quality.