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Declining mail volumes 'good for direct mailers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Current low and declining volumes of direct mail pieces are helping businesses that use the medium achieve better results, it has been claimed.

Speaking to DMNews, Greg Grdodian, executive vice president of management and data solutions at Edith Roman Associates, believes that lower volumes present mailers with unique opportunities.

The marketing expert suggested that having less mail delivered makes a single mailer stand out more and increases the chances of their success.

"More and more, we're seeing business mail getting opened because the volume is reduced," Mr Grdodian confirmed.

Furthermore, he recommended organizations utilized multichannel campaigns, with an email announcing the impending delivery of a direct mail piece.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Paper Specs, Christine Ema claimed that US marketers should focus their efforts on ensuring that their mailing lists are well segmented and managed.

According to Ms Ema, it is vital that the address data is current and correct to enhance the chances that businesses will be able to contact potential customers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler