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Deduplication can ease issues

Paul Newman Archive
Companies rise and fall on their data in the modern, increasingly digital landscape. When that information is littered with duplicate entries, the overall quality sags. Getting databases to a degraded state is easy for businesses with no oversight, meaning that software to solve such problems could be vital.

According to TechTarget, Paul O'Callaghan experienced such an issue with marketing firm Data Locator Group. The source stated that when O'Callaghan joined that organization, he could manually check entries and see doubled names but his current automatic tools were not able to weed them out when they came from different sources.

O'Callaghan implored the company's board to add data quality systems like deduplication software. Now, after launching the specialized project, the error rate has fallen below one percent for doubled records, a recovery that could have an effect to the marketing firm's efficiency.

It is no coincidence that data quality issues needed rapid solutions at a marketing company. Sales processes require information to work properly. For example, CFO recently noted that email marketing is still the way to reach customers if firms want to make direct profits rather than simply drive engagement. However, it is hard to imagine such efforts succeeding with poor data on subscribers.