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Deduplication could help businesses manage information

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to cope with the vast amounts of data that they are now required to store may want to consider using deduplication to effectively manage it.

According to an article by PC World, the service could help organizations ensure that they do not save multiple copies of the same files.

Ronnie Latinazo, country manager at EMC Philippines, explains: "In the past, companies do 1:1 backups. With deduplication, they can achieve 20:1 to as much as 500:1 backup and compression ratio."

Furthermore, the service can help to ensure that businesses reduce problems associated with making backups and storing information.

"There is a lot of risk about tape. Just transporting the tape to the backup site poses a lot of risks," Mr Latinazo told the news provider.

However, he added that because transfers are done online, these problems are eradicated.

Computer Technology Review recently claimed that analysts believe that a little over 30 per cent of IT departments use deduplication for at least part of their data.

Posted by Paul Newman