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Deduplication has numerous benefits

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations which choose to implement deduplication systems to manage their data will be able to benefit from savings in both time and costs, it has been reported.

Writing for Continuity Central, Adrian Moir, technical director of Bakbone Software, has highlighted the potential advantages of using the technology.

"Deduplication can lead to significant savings in terms of time, human resources and of course budget," the expert concludes.

Furthermore, Mr Moir points out that "few storage technologies have made such a difference to [companies'] data centers in the past", with a number of deduplication solutions available to choose from.

Among the benefits that organizations that decide to utilize the technology are likely to witness are a streamlining of information and an increae in disk space savings and flexibility.

According to a recent article by Computer Technology Review, a little over 30 per cent of businesses and IT departments use deduplication technologies to manage at least part of their data.

Posted by Paul Newman