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Deduplication software can make mailings more affordable

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Around the world, mailing services are facing declining volumes and increased costs, an expense they must pass on to customers and commercial mailers through price increases. In order to keep direct mail campaigns - which have long been hailed as an effective way to boost customer lists and sales numbers - as a cost-effective option, businesses must make changes to how they operate.

Adopting deduplication software to clean up your mailing lists can immediately cut down the number of pieces you send out unnecessarily. This may have the added benefit of pleasing your customers, as it can make a bad impression when one person gets several copies of direct mail material.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Zack Heller explains other tactics that will offset rising mail prices. He advises sending out mailings as bulk, rather than as First Class mail. Expanding your lists can actually contribute to savings, not drive them up, Heller argues, since sending a greater number of pieces could qualify you for discounts and reduced production costs.

Putting a greater focus on email marketing and website design can also redistribute your use of the channels while slashing expense. Consider sending out a postcard with a personalized URL that offers more information about the offer.