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Deduplication software helps SMBs overcome storage obstacles

Paul Newman Archive
As digital technologies continue to emerge, organizations are able to capture and analyze increasing amounts of information on both customers and internal operations to improve service and productivity. Unfortunately, these resource volumes are often so large that decision-makers need to adopt advanced storage solutions that are flexible enough to manage the resources without jeopardizing data quality.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are experiencing a number of challenges in adopting these storage environments, according to a recent study of 239 SMBs by Drobo.

"The survey findings are consistent with what we hear from the hundreds of SMB customers we interact with on our live demos every week, seeking a storage solution that meets their virtualization and data protection requirements at the right cost [can be a challenge]," said Mario Blandini of Drobo.

Roughly 47 percent of respondents said they plan on using deduplication software in 2013 to reduce cost and storage problems, the study noted.

A separate report by eWeek also highlighted the growing demand for deduplication software because of storage growth requirements. By using these tools, organizations can ensure their archived information remains accurate and available.