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Delivery speed 'top customer concern'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Speed of delivery is the most important factor for customers of direct mailing firms, it has been claimed.

According to south California direct marketing company The Addressers, if clients receive their orders promptly they are far more likely to keep using a service.

President of the group Kent Moon said: "Studies have shown that speed of delivery is the chief determining factor in whether or not a customer returns to buy more products from you. Speed of delivery is more important than quality, more important than reliability, even more important than customer service."

He added that whether companies hire an outsourced fulfillment house to provide delivery services or handle this in house, they must firmly keep in mind how important it is to get the product delivered in a timely manner, which may be achieved by maintaining data quality.

Earlier this week, Phil Francisco, vice president of product management and marketing at data warehousing services provider Netezza, commented that organizations that are able to leverage location data as part of their everyday decision making will be more likely to improve their bottom lines.