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Dental marketers 'could utilize address verification software'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Address verification software could be useful for marketers in the dental industry, with direct mail "integral" to the marketing mix.

According to Patient News, an industry-focused marketing company, a diverse mix of online and offline mediums is essential to the success of any campaigns.

"Statistics show that most marketers have found that online channels demonstrate greater value when distributed in conjunction with direct mail applications," said Karen Galley, president of the organization.

The body highlights the accessibility of direct mail to a wide consumer base, with the medium being favoured by "the coveted 18-49 consumer group".

Furthermore, improvements in database technology and analytics have also allowed direct mail and other offline media to grow and deliver consistent response rates, Patient News claims.

Address verification software can be used by marketers as a means of ensuring that address data is correct and reducing any costs usually associated with undeliverable or returned mail.

Posted by Richard Jones