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Direct mail 'benefits outweigh downsides'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The jobs created by direct mail and its benefits to society as a whole cannot be ignored in the debate over green initatives, it has been claimed.

Coming amid a scheme in Washington state attempting to eradicate direct mail as 'wasteful', Rich Lancaster, chief executive of Compact Information Systems, said that the benefits of the industry cannot be ignored in this debate.

In a blog addressing the concerns being raised in Seattle, he said: "Direct Mail drives the cost of all postage down. The industry is incredibly efficient and helps enable the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to subsidize postage for citizens, not the other way around."

He added: "Should [the] initiative be successful and across the US the direct mail industry is dealt a mortal blow, what do you intend to happen to the people directly affected by the collapse of this industry? It is estimated to be approximately 40,000 people in Washington alone?"

Mr Lancaster also highlighted the fact that small businesses, such as pizza parlours, rely on direct mail marketing to advertise in their local areas.