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Direct mail better as it's 'personalized and targeted'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The fact that direct mail marketing is more personalized and targeted makes it a better option than modern forms of promotion, it has been claimed.

Efficiently run direct mail campaigns, which use good data quality and database management to find an appropriate customer base, become much more targeted to consumers who are likely to respond, according to industry news source

In addition, the fact that mail pieces can be personalized makes them much more appealing than seemingly faceless emails and websites, as "there is something magical about seeing your name in print".

The news site added: "There was a time when personalization was so expensive that it could cripple your ROI. But today’s technology has made print personalization easier and more affordable."

"Think of personalization not just in terms of 'your name here', but also in terms of relevant and variable data. At a macro level you can personalize a cover of a catalog or an offer on an envelope, based on how a particular customer segment responds."