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Direct mail campaigns are still relevant and successful

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail has been praised for its ability to consistently deliver a message to a large number of targeted consumers, it has been reported.

Writing for the Metro West Daily News, Bob Martel stated that the medium can still be used as an effective marketing tool by many businesses to deliver a cost-effective solution to boosting ROI.

In particular, Mr Martel claimed that direct mail was a useful weapon that small companies could utilize to expand in a local market.

He highlights the partnership that can be formed alongside the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to introduce "saturation mailing", with information sent out to an entire region or specific ZIP code.

Inexpensive mailing lists can be purchased which contain address data and other information pertaining to your potential customer, such as average income.

"Direct mail can start a prospect relationship that moves online. Remember your marketing message, your offer and how you treat your new customer when they respond," Mr Martel wrote.

Furthermore, marketers could use address matching software to personalize their mailpieces and increase their chances of success.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler