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Direct mail can be used to grow a customer base

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail is the ideal medium for US marketers to utilize if they want to increase their customer base, it has been claimed.

Writing for his direct mail companies blog, Steve Sellwood has highlighted the uses of the services to effectively target potential new business.

Mr Sellwood recommended that organizations used the profile based on their existing customers to introduce their products to new ones.

"New business development and customer acquisition all mean the same thing - gaining new customers for your business. And direct mail has an important role to play," he explained.

Furthermore, the expert said that the medium was a good platform for trying out new marketing ideas, because it is straightforward to measure.

Earlier this year, DMNews reported that declining mail volumes were a good thing for US organizations that used direct mail.

The news provider claimed that having less business mail delivered means that individual mailers stand out more and have a better chance of success.

Posted by Paul Newman