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Direct mail can be 'very effective'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations taking on email marketing for business-to-business purposes have been advised that, in the right context, direct mail can work extremely well.

Stefan Drew, marketing consultant and founder of Stefan Drew Associates, explained that the key reason direct mail marketing often fails is because it is poorly put together and not targeted.

For direct mail to work, it needs to go to those who have a real interest in what the organization does, he said.

"[For example], if you're a charity [it needs to be] someone who has already shown an interest in that charity in one way or another," Mr Drew added.

He advised firms considering direct mail or email marketing for business-to-business needs that it is essential to have a good website that is easy to find when looking through search engines.

Phil Kingsland, site director of, recently said that businesses need to be aware of all interactions with consumers, be they online, via email or in person, as they can all affect brand loyalty.

Posted by Richard Jones