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Direct mail can complement other communication channels

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail is still an effective channel that can be used by marketers to reach prospective customers, it has been claimed.

Defending the medium on DMNews, marketing expert Dan Smith highlights the numerous benefits that direct mail can bring to a campaign.

According to Mr Smith, while the channel should not necessarily be considered the primary method in all situations, it can be successfully utilized in conjunction with another means of communication.

"Channels can complement one another: direct mail is a great way to drive people to your website to collect e-mail addresses," he explained.

"E-mail might be the medium by which a customer is prompted to go to the website to request an expensive direct mail pack."

Liz Love, managing director of Z-CARD Ltd, recently claimed that organizations should combine print and digital marketing channels for an effective campaign.

The expert suggested that, if paper media was to survive, changes and innovations needed to be adopted.

Posted by Paul Newman