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Direct mail can help 'drive internet sales'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
E-commerce retailers may be interested to hear that direct mail campaigns can help drive traffic to online stores.

Writing for Marketing Profs, Dean Rieck claims that when utilized effectively the medium can be highly successful in terms influencing consumers.

Indeed, the expert urges companies to always ask for customers' email addresses when contacting them offline, so they can use this contact information to lure them into the online arena.

The news could lead to an increase in the number of firms looking to utilize address verification tools in an attempt to reduce costs associated with returned mail.

Furthermore, he suggested that building special landing pages could also be an effective method of improving lead generation.

"By creating a unique landing page and driving people to that page, you can control the message, track response and collect information for follow-up and future direct marketing effort," Mr Rieck says.

''Old and new media aren't necessarily oil and water - when blended properly, they can pack a potent punch.''

Posted by Paul Newman