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Direct mail can help drive traffic to websites

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers have been urged to utilize direct mail campaigns as a means of driving traffic to their websites.

Writing for MarketingProfs, Dean Rieck has highlighted the success that can be had if individuals use mail drops to communicate with consumers.

The commentator stated that a large number of marketing practitioners suffer from an "oil and water approach" when it comes to using both online and offline media - ignoring the benefits of combining the two.

"According to the 2009 Channel Preference Study by ExactTarget, direct mail influences 76 per cent of internet users to buy a product or service online," Mr Rieck explained.

"Better still, direct mail remains the one medium that gives you direct and reliable access to nearly everyone in your target market."

Meanwhile, marketers using the medium may also want to invest in address verification software so that they can minimize any costs associated with returned mail.

Indeed, a recent article for Accounting Web claimed that ensuring that address data is correct should be viewed as the "foundation of the confirmation process" by businesses.

Posted by Paul Newman