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Direct mail contributes a significant amount to US advertising sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail still plays an important role in marketing communications thanks to its personnel characteristics, it has been claimed.

According to an article by Presort, the medium, while no longer dominant, contributes a significant percentage to the annual US sales of all direct advertising channels.

The use of direct mail and catalogues to communicate directly to consumers drives more than $556 billion in sales and equates to approximately a third of the $1.7 trillion industry, the news provider reports.

USPS'® introduction of Intelligent Mail® barcodes is also helping to modernize the sector, with marketers able to effectively plan and manage campaigns.

"Other marketing channels may be more efficient and require less lead time, but nothing short of face-to-face, in-person selling conveys the lifestyle appeal of a brand better than print," the article author notes.

Furthermore, writing for DMNews, marketing expert Dan Smith claimed that direct mail could be used to complement other communication channels.

Mr Smith stated that it can be successfully utilized in conjunction with another means of communication to help drive sales.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler