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Direct mail helps boost student enrolment figures

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Universities in the US are turning to direct mail techniques in an attempt to boost student numbers.

Despite a large number of institutions turning to digital marketing platforms to attract potential students it is direct mail which can capture the attention of many 16-to18-year-olds, DMNews reports.

Indeed, taking the Northeast Mississippi Community College as an example, the news provider explains that print-based materials were able to stand out from other forms of marketing because young people receive much less printed mail during their everyday lives.

"We found that this is the first piece of mail a lot of these students received," Josh Mabus, founder of the Mabus Agency, told DMNews.

"It marked a right of passage of going into adulthood. Twitter is something they use every day, and they use Facebook every day, [but] they don't get mail every day."

The results speak for themselves with the college enjoying a 12 per cent enrollment increase in fall 2009, and a 17 per cent rise again in the mid-year 2010 semester.

Posted by Paul Newman