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Direct mail holds key advantages over other marketing forms

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail is a successful means of promoting businesses thanks to its intrusive and tactile nature, it has been suggested.

Well-run marketing campaigns that utilize all of the benefits of direct mail can be more successful than other less personalized forms of media, according to

The news source reports that, unlike webmail, direct mail represents an intrusive way of reaching the consumer and can grab attention and motivate individuals to act upon its recommendations.

In addition, the tactile nature of mailing means that marketers are able to appeal to the consumer's senses and, provided effective data quality has been used, potential customers are encouraged to respond.

The site explained: "In bricks-and-mortar retail, the ability to touch and experience the product increases the likelihood of a sale.

"It's the same with direct. Even though it's not the actual product in the recipient's hands, a mail piece still activates the tactile senses."

A study by a major US mailer showed that the outer wrapper of a package was also significantly important in determining whether an item was opened.