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Direct mail 'integral' to marketing process

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The rise of the internet has not stopped direct mail from playing an "integral" role in marketing campaigns, it has been claimed.

Writing for, Mark Haslan from pointed to the example set by politicians to highlight the continued importance of direct mail in helping people reach a mass audience.

While he conceded that Barack Obama made good use of social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook in his successful election battle, he said that the gubernatorial campaigns for candidates in Minnesota showed how other politicians still used direct mail to good effect.

"If you're looking at the different mediums to talk to voters, by far the most effective is direct voter contact, door to door and on the phones," Jaime Tincher, campaign manager for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's Margaret Kelliher, told the news provider.

"Direct mail fits into that as well, because it's a very targeted message to specific voters."

This ties in with a recent article by Advertising Direct Mail which suggested the ability to personalize content made direct mail campaigns particularly effective.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler