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Direct mail is a 'powerful' medium

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Direct mail is a powerful and effective method of getting a product or business noticed, US marketers may be interested to know.

According to an article on industry news portal, the medium offers a number of advantages over its competing formats.

The ability to successfully target campaigns and measure their success helps to make it one of the more popular forms of communication for organizations and their customers.

Speaking after the recent PCC-sponsored webinar on the subject, the body's advisory co-chair, Theresa Peterlein, suggested that the medium was considered.

"PCC members are enthusiastic about direct mail and its marketing strengths … it's a powerful way to get your business or product noticed," she explained.

Earlier this year, TMCnet claimed that businesses should utilize address verification software to save money, time and their reputations.

The article said that the service could help reduce costs associated with returned mail and ensure that customer service is enhanced.

Meanwhile, Mintel Comperemedia revealed that during the first quarter of 2010 over six billion direct mail pieces were sent in the US.

Posted by Paul Newman