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Direct mail is a 'strong and effective medium'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail remains a strong and effective medium for US marketers looking to drive sales.

This is the view of marketing consultant David Jackson, who wrote for Promotion World that rumours surrounding the demise of the medium have been "greatly exaggerated".

To this end, Mr Jackson pointed to recent figures from the Direct Marketing Association which show that spending on direct mail is expected to increase by over $1 billion during 2010.

"A properly executed direct mail campaign combined with online marketing methods could be an unbeatable combination," he noted.

The news could prompt a number of US marketers to think about investing in address verification tools to help them prepare for a direct mail campaign.

Meanwhile, research conducted by Pitney Bowes suggests that consumers still prefer to receive mail over e-mail communications.

The International Communications Research survey found that 73 percent of consumers prefer mail compared to 18 percent for e-mail.

Posted by Paul Newman