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Direct mail is effective when utilized correctly

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail campaigns are a successful and cost effective method of targeting consumers provided that US marketers follow a selection of guidelines to ensure its success.

Writing a blog post for Advertising Direct Mail, the article's author highlights the need for businesses to follow certain rules surrounding the implementation of the marketing practice.

They recommend employing certain measures to enhance campaigns and to help build a recognisable brand image.

This includes knowing what demographic companies are aiming for and knowing about their recent purchase history and "monetary profile", the article states that this will help target necessary consumers with products that they will be interested in.

"You need to know who you're sending your direct mail pieces to so that you don't waste your money by sending pieces to people who don't buy that often from you," the blog post explained.

In addition, direct mail must be sent out on a regular basis to help build the reputation of a particular brand as well as containing enticing offers which will tempt customers into purchases.

Furthermore, marketers could try personalizing mailpieces with information such as address data to reduce the risk of it being considered junk mail.

Posted by Richard Jones