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Direct mail is personalized and relevant

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The ability to make direct mail personalized and targeted can make it more relevant to a business' target audience, it has been suggested.

Writing for, Matt Ambrose has discussed the fundamental differences between the targeted direct mail used by many US marketers and intrusive "junk mail" which contains no personalized address data.

He argues that direct mail continues to be used by organizations because it is an effective way of communicating with potential customers.

Mr Ambrose continued: "Direct marketing is more relevant, personalised and effective than its unaddressed cousin, and doesn't deserve to be placed in the same coop, let along the same pigeon hole, as junk mail."

Furthermore, he recommends marketers make use of personalized URL technology in their mailing campaigns to collect information on potential customers.

This enables web addresses to be placed within direct mail containing the customer's name, if they click on the website their various clicks and entries are automatically stored into a database and can be used in future campaigns.

In addition, email marketing can be used to compliment direct mail by giving a sustained message to the customer, DMNews reported recently.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler