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Direct mail is still an 'effective communication channel'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers may be interested to learn that direct mail is still "alive and well", according to one industry commentator.

Writing for, Nancy DeDiemar has claimed that contrary to beliefs that the medium is outdated in this day and age, it still forms an important part of any marketing campaign.

The news may lead to a number of marketing professionals looking to invest in address verification software ahead of implementing any direct mail correspondence.

"A printer who relies solely on email to stay in touch with customers and prospects or, worse yet, uses no form of outreach at all, has a serious credibility problem," Ms DeDiemar wrote.

Indeed, the industry expert cited a number of studies which suggest that US consumers are receptive to receiving mailpieces.

For example, a DM News/Pitney Bowes survey found that nearly 94 per cent of consumers reported taking action on promotional offers and coupons received via direct mail.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler