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Direct mail marketing 'will grow in 2010'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Spending on direct mail marketing is set to rise next year as companies move out of the recession and can pump more money into advertising.

Almost four in ten companies questioned by BtoB magazine said that they would be increasing spending on direct mail in the new year.

An additional 19.8 per cent said that they will be increasing their print advertising in 2010.

Many marketers said that they would be primarily focusing on targeted campaigns that utilized database marketing, direct mail and other similar techniques as the economy is still in recovery.

Bob Meldrum, vice-president of marketing at TW Telecom, said: "It is all about understanding the audience and understanding how they want to receive their information, then developing marketing programs that are targeted exclusively to their needs."

The survey also found that 53 per cent of companies had cut their marketing budgets last year during the economic crisis, although more than 40 per cent are now planning putting money back into sales and promotion.