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Direct mail 'must be correctly targeted'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to get the biggest return on investment from their direct mail campaigns have been reminded about the importance of correctly targeting consumers.

The customer communication method is often cited as one of the most effective at driving sales and raising brand awareness, although it can be wasted if targeting is not done properly.

Writing for the Resource Nation website, Matt Krautstrunk claimed that businesses should look to focus their advertising efforts within direct mail to maximize the chances that recipients of direct mail will become customers.

He explained that companies new to an industry may benefit the most from direct mail advertising as the medium is a good way to "inspire curiosity".

"If you are looking to launch a direct mail campaign, make sure you take the time and money to do it the right way," Mr Krautstrunk added.

Furthermore, the commentator recommended that firms endeavor to look at creative ways to promote business through the channel.

Posted by Paul Newman