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Direct mail 'not dead'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail marketing has survived through the economic downturn, according to a recent study.

Only five per cent of marketers believe that the recession has had a hugely detrimental effect on the medium as was previously expected, according to a study by marketing website

In contrast, seven per cent of people questioned said that the recession had no impact on direct marketing at all.

According to the study, 56 per cent of marketers believe that direct mail holds sway with top executives in the boardroom.

Steven Dodds, a senior planner at British direct marketing company DMS, said that he does not "subscribe to the 'direct mail is dead' school of thought".

He added: "We are recommending increased focus on mail targeting, through improved modeling and other methods to ensure returns through the channel hold up."

"What has changed more significantly for some clients though is the creative approach," Mr Dodds concluded, suggesting that businesses needed to locate different channels in their direct marketing campaigns.