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Direct mail projected to grow significantly

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail marketing campaigns are increasingly playing a vital role in helping companies to boost their ad spend, according to new research conducted by Global Industry Analysts.

A report from the organization revealed that global marketing expenditure through direct mail will reach $25.45 billion by 2015 thanks to the effectiveness of the channel as far as reaching the target audience is concerned.

Tools such as address verification and the fact that direct mail tends to be treated with greater importance compared to electronic mail are helping it maintain favour with marketers.

According to the report, the direct mail advertising market "will also stand to benefit from the growing importance of one-to-one interactive marketing and its role in effectively engaging thousands of prospective customers on a personal level".

The report also highlights how innovations such as personalized URLs could make direct mail advertisements more effective.

Marketing consultant David Jackson recently stated in an article for Promotion World that direct mail remains a powerful tool for marketers.

Posted by Richard Jones