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Direct Mail remains a popular medium

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers may be interested to know that direct mail still commands the largest share of direct marketing budgets than any other medium.

According to a study, conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the channel makes up 17 per cent of companies' overall budgets.

This comes despite the rapid rise of online media and marketing channels, with many businesses claiming that they are still in the "learning, transitioning and integrating" phases of development.

Furthermore, the research found that very few organizations were able to effectively analyze and measure the success of different media within mulit-channel campaigns.

Rus Rempala, of David Shepard Associates, the marketing firm which worked with the DMA on the report, said: "Not surprisingly, the study shows many companies are continually testing targeted messages across various media to find optimal cost efficiency and marketing effectiveness.

"We expect to see much more advanced strategic testing in the near future as more and more marketers navigate the multi-channel digital age."

Writing for DMNews, Barbara Alba, marketing services manager at Technology Sales Resource Interactive, claimed that marketers needed to embrace creativity in their direct mail campaigns for maximum success.

Posted by Paul Newman