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Direct mail strategies 'still work'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When used wisely and efficiently, direct mail proves to be a solid marketing choice, it has been suggested.

Proper direct mail practices consistently outperform more modern forms of marketing, proving to be effective in a range of customer segments, according to industry expert Lois Brayfield, writing for

Direct mail has a much more "active" feel to it than website marketing, she stated, as "customers may find their way to your site, but a catalog or a direct mail piece in their mailbox is an intrusive tap on the shoulder that online-only activities don't allow".

In addition, she said that direct mail marketing allows for stronger penetration than email, as electronic messages can be "overlooked in a crowded inbox [and] consumers are conditioned not to open e-mails from unknown senders for fear of viruses".

Ms Brayfield added that this "intrusiveness" allows the message of a marketing piece to better reach possible customers, as mail is much more likely to grab consumers' attention - showing that this intrusiveness is actually a positive thing for marketers.