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Direct mail writing is 'an art'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers should be aware that there is "definitely an art" surrounding the writing of direct mail copy.

This is the view of marketing consultant Naomi Finkel, who argues that practitioners must ensure that their campaigns are able to connect with consumers on both an emotive and factual level.

Writing for the Ventura County Star, the expert highlighted the need to hire professional marketing agencies to manage their direct mail campaigns or for organizations to invest in quality copywriters.

"There are certain key words that appeal to different age groups, lifestyles and occupations. Do you know what they are? Take a look at what they read, what they buy and why. Stay away from double talk and remember to keep it simple," commented Ms Finkel.

Elsewhere, companies deciding to manage direct mail campaigns themselves may also want to consider the benefits of address verification tools, so as to ensure their mailpieces reach the target audience.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler