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Direct mailers must 'keep up with technology'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations that rely on direct mail services to communicate with their customers must utilize new technology to help their businesses expand.

Writing for the Mailing Systems Technology blog, Ellenor Kirkconnell claimed that teaming up with industry experts can be a good way to find the most cost-effective solutions and updates to the service.

"In today's economy, where businesses and organizations are faced with doing more with less, investing in technology to improve efficiency and save costs is critical to survival," she argued.

"The right software saves substantial marketing, printing and postage dollars by improving data quality and meeting the latest postal standards."

In addition, Ms Kirkconnell echoed the views of many in the industry who believe that declining mail volumes can be a plus for bulk mailers, as there are now fewer mailpieces competing for consumer attention.

Earlier this year, IT firm Postcode Anywhere conducted a study which found that incorrect address data was costing businesses a significant amount of money.

Posted by Richard Jones