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Direct mailers offered bulk discounts

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers may be interested to learn that the United States Postal Service (USPSĀ®) is set to offer a series of discounts to bulk mailers.

According to an article by What They Think, the organization is planning to run a Reply Rides Free discount, which boosts the weight limit of direct mail pieces if they contain a reply card or envelope.

Previously, many businesses encouraged consumers to respond electronically because sending additional pre-paid reply envelopes would result in more expensive shipping costs.

The news could encourage businesses to look at how address verification tools could help them improve the service which they offer by ensuring customer details are correct.

What They Think added: "The organization also proposed the Saturation and High Density Incentive, which would give businesses a 22 per cent rebate on direct mail campaigns if they exceed the total volume of mail sent during the previous year by five per cent."

Posted by Paul Newman